Marooned [ep]

by Confectioner

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written/recorded May 2014.


released May 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Confectioner Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Extramural Team
watch for the tail the break in light
blank principles left behind
know when to keep extra quiet
phoned off pushed out cut at the knees repeatedly
tight schedule skilled problem
ignore expanse and redirect
relief to sweep and comprehend
impact of hands only slammed
intentional make-believe with another win
a lock and key won't sacrifice
a lock and key won't sacrifice
a lock and key won't suffice
nightmares in your own home
Track Name: Enough Crowns
elimination a happy place
sent alone to illuminate
gone for dreams gone for days
no one else wondering
speak amok amongst yourselves
in the name of yourselves
mirroring the least to feel
the lost appeal sickening
nowhere to drive nowhere to drive
when there's everywhere to drive
a lot of things must go right
everything is going fine
Track Name: The Paper
persons of interest lead
least interesting terseness a gift
that keeps on for giving reflections imperfect
despite perfect vision vacant
survey says what survey says
and keeps on for giving reflections imperfect
reflect what's already done
Track Name: Therein
graphic shakes
enter the range for a while
menial medium
let rampant run their own show
lenient of the
lent out hand falling trite
alarms all in
alarms all in
alarmed again
what harm therein
down to amend
down to all pointed returns and
let out all done
let out last breaths as one
Track Name: Beauty Shift
oh, wonderful life
each one at a time
so beautiful like
all dignified
in name the contrast drafting new pacts
for feeble attempt
to win the days
the longest day
time-paved to break
for shame the contrast waking up last
a wake alas implied
awake much less inclined