by Confectioner

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written/recorded May 2014.


released May 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Confectioner Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Bota
[the wire]
Track Name: All Good Reason
a menace too so meant to choose
famously menacing
all good reason
too many questioning
direct to please the directory
i'll undermine
belittled the point of sails
stranded gustless trails
shooting diamonds back into the rough
Track Name: Nursery
never study never stumble
discard evenings eves of nursery
air correct and never stumble
in lieu of restricted view
only see what's in front of you
slid side to side trapped in tendered vine
sure worth a climb the combines losing light
an over under ease up the unsure
so never stutter never stumble
Track Name: Off Brief
run the rent the serum
of safety nets so sacred undiscovered
off brief on leave
alone, fraught with response
tied down the bow
all for gone in the deep
reach for remark
relocate and erase all anecdotes
and all doubted thrown overboard to
rest now less than
Track Name: Weekend at the Ridge
weekend at the ridge
packed the laundry list
yelling addled foils
back at our homes
the worst of it in writing
the least of all intel
worth the worries
at all cost
fall set up quick
and all is right with
disregarded unexpected
peaks in time lift
tripped light in so
moving on to what
believed and so bluffed
Track Name: Cheeseparing
the wasted willing milling unreal
checkpoints swept through
sunlight left to
the superstitious never lose it
checkmarked contained
wary wary to clear
content to splay
rare to forget faces placement
hard-pressed finding
unnamed unclaimed
soulless nature cored and unfazed
belief rehab
leaning chemical
leaving ethical calm down
calm down wary wary to clear
Track Name: The Wreck Age
all the time in the world
nothing to stop thought
all the lives so assured
no one caught
guard is empty unprotected
left to pass on through
and when and how wreckage
no one gives up until
the lights have gone out
last calls made audible
until they're caught
Track Name: Cause
evol evolve breaths held dissolved
wrong is wrong rung out prolonged
hand bled, deceased dial tone speaking
spelled out relief familiar frequency
exude exhume breaths held and soon
wrong is wrong rung out prolonged
well modeled known no better than
nowhere near as strong to interfere
cause to earn cause for concern
cause for concern the cost to learn
Track Name: Queasy
to move when less moved
to lay where nothing lays
to seldom scream complaints
to disregard at great length
to prove the room expires
to lose before the fight
in sessions
in sections
the same assignments
still arrive
breach intervening
stop with a pardoned rest