Proper Fits

by Confectioner

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written/recorded may/june 2014


released June 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Confectioner Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Cabriole
a scope supposed of grace and hope
to spill to break to bend at will
so near to death and nearer still
particulars and scars and pills lining
relaxing two to one
in defense of the unabled
hours rise
count down odds
bred for patience through what
such haste beloved for mo-
ments too late
moments too late
love turns down into daily breath
sigh so polite it could not detect
celebrating vicarious
disregard dreams accept the worries
light silhouettes can never hold
light silhouettes respect no growth
Track Name: Matches
broken hatches
batons lay still
so-called experience
they'll never slow
the glisten of the whispers
trust they aren't listening
making breaks breaking at waves
'cause they aren't listening
matches go tactics
united defeated
building for something
low polar a go for
bridges decline
reach out and crawl into
their very own
Track Name: Simple Forest
fine with losses easily forgotten
lessons worthless if not burned in
helium can float and duck the balance
impractical on heels demands for hands
the ever simple forest grows
beheaded accents to protect their own
early to surprise
wrong about everything
collected late regrets
wrong about everything
now is not the time for talking
ticker tape sunlight for the race
the ever simple forest grows
beheaded accents to protect their own
Track Name: Fievel
pull back the sun's incline
late too little
for sight for sound for mind for bye
wait it out
like heat to pray for space and find
nothing out
experiment with rest the days
hours ours
survival of the least of means
so green to let go so
green to leave
vacation to the last resort
redemption sport a toll of sorts
makeshift gates won't hesitate
for our hours
Track Name: Tried For
skip to content
skim the context
content to rest
working the death
careen and carom
casual so spastic
killing the worth
working the death
tried for
keep professional
keep tabs and faith
both feet on the ground
honest in one place
face straight and narrow
regard the harrowed
sound the death knell
to rest in one place
flat-rate handouts
hands down hands down
Track Name: See To See
sweet honesties lie honest therein
flesh lost at last on corners on glass
admiration always looking straight back
separate to know all is had was had
now we're the tired ones
now we're the tired ones
battened eyes and man made open traps
tests to see how nature will react
perception what you want to see to see
perception what you want to see to see
now you're still the tired one
tired still tired
Track Name: Patriots
for your attention for all intent fleeting at bay
purpose and abandon, pour it over
drown in fear of downing drown in weaknesses
a true champion by associates
back to the armory where untrue holds you
back to the basic surefire and tired
talent and blessings and gender and passion
lists to remember, nostalgia to capture
get what you want and you don't care how you get it
we never had the cover